Social media is not optional for businesses. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways to connect with customers. Your social media works harder than your web page. Most of your customers won’t head to your website regularly, but they’re on social media daily. That’s why social media is a must. It’s a chance to connect with them daily.

But connecting isn’t as easy as it sounds. Between platforms charging you to get in front of your fans and new clients, lack of time and lack of money you may feel overwhelmed with your social media strategy. I know you’ve probably read several posts around the topic, but this one is different. These are the takeaways I learned after spending the last 31 days organically growing my Facebook and Twitter followers.

First, my campaign was unconventional. Faith is an important aspect of my business. It’s part of my brand identity. So, although I would love to take complete credit for the idea, it was really God inspired. The idea to honor other ladypreneurs for Women’s History Month came while I was sitting in church.

These are the takeaways I learned after spending the last 31 days organically growing my Facebook and Twitter followers based on a God-inspired idea.

Social Media Hashtags Matter

I created a personalized hashtag #31LadyBosses for my campaign. I used a descriptive keyword—bosses to speak directly to my target audience, entrepreneurs. Adding lady to the hashtag was the final touch to capturing my ideal blog reader, women entrepreneurs. Know that a good hashtag allows you to brand your business.

Hashtags also allow you to reach your ideal audience. It also connects you with other entrepreneurs in your industry. Social media allows you to create online besties that you can collaborate with.

Use hashtags that are already being used by others in your industry. But also think outside the box. Don’t limit yourself to hashtags in your industry.  Consider what other popular hashtags you can tweak to make relevant to your industry. This tip leads me to the next takeaway.

Capitalize on Trending Events

Writers know the key to pitching a story that gets picked up is having it be timely. Choosing an event that has current relevance means that people are already connecting with the event. Incorporating keywords and hashtags associated with the timely event allows you to increase your readership.

March is Women’s History Month, so I centered my campaign around it. However, I wanted to set my posts apart from other Women’s History posts. By focussing on women entrepreneurs that are making history now, I made it relevant to my target audience. It gave me the chance to find new potential readers and customers because all of the women I honored are potential clients.

Create Social Media Templates

If you are a solopreneur, there aren’t enough hours in the day for you to get everything on your to-do list accomplished. Creating templates for your social media campaign frees up time in your day. I used Canva to create a basic template that I tweaked for every day of the campaign.

Another, time saver I used to speed up my social media tasks was scheduling. It allows you to optimize your posting for the best time while freeing up more work time. And let’s be real, you always need more work time. I used Buffer to schedule my tweets. However, I schedule my Facebook Page posts using Facebook.

Collaborate and Partner on Social Media

Collaboration is one of the best ways to get in front of new audiences. The average small business is usually on a shoestring budget. Read—trying to save coins. Social media platforms give you the opportunity to advertise, but your budget may not make this a viable option. Collaboration is a free way to solve the dilemma of finding new clients. Partnering allows you to get in front of a new audience.

One of the unexpected benefits of my social media campaign was that I made other people feel good. It was nice to celebrate great women, but they also shared my social media posts. Their sharing meant they introduced me to their audience and the result was more new followers.

The real test of these takeaways is the return on investment (ROI). I spent about an hour a day creating the post, scheduling posts, and connecting with people over the course of the month. My organic social media engagements were as follows:


  • I gained 23 new followers and all were women entrepreneurs
  • My page views increased 5,000%
  • My reach was up by 579%
  • My post engagement was up by 724%


  • I gained 27 new followers
  • My impressions increased by 172%
  • My replies increased by 100%
  • My likes increased by 306%
  • My retweets increased by 242%

*I participated in a Twitter chat and also did my usual Periscope, so interactions on those would also be included in these percentages

The greatest lesson learned is the reminder to pray about every aspect of your business. I believe in reading and learning from others in the industry, but I also believe in the creativity that God offers. So, start praying about every area of your business. There’s no part too small or too big for God to give you inspiration around.

If you’re not Christian it’s ok—meditate. Meditation clears your mind and gives you the opportunity to have clarity and inspiration on tackling problems.

Remember, bring your spiritual practice into building your business. 

Have you tried any of these social media strategies before? Is there another creative strategy you had luck with?