Launching a business isn’t easy. The late nights, the financial sacrifice and fear are only a few of the things that make the journey difficult. As a solopreneur, it’s even harder. You are tasked with creating the best product or services on your own. It’s an overwhelming process that requires setting goals. 
Think of goal setting as the supervisor that breathes down your neck making sure you’re working. It also helps slays dragons like procrastination and fear of failure. It’s the check-in the helps you keep moving, so you don’t get stuck. Time flies and the longer you take to get your product or service out to the public, the longer you are without a check. 

Deadlines are a must for achieving your goals

Business launches don’t happen overnight. It’s a series of steps taken that result in a viable business. Many people fail not because they didn’t have a good business idea, but because they didn’t have a consistent plan. You have to devote time to your business and the best way to do that is by setting deadlines. 

Set hard deadlines for your goals. It’s goal insurance. It stops you from letting other life aspects override your business “to do lists”. They keep you focused and accountable. 

Although I use the calendar feature on my phone to alarm deadlines, I still use a day planner. I live for writing down dates in my calendar. Seeing them on paper gives me a sense of clarity that I don’t get from my phone. But all planners aren’t created alike.
The creative side of me though refuses to get a plain planner. I look for for patterns, colors and pictures when choosing a day planner. It’s part of the joy that sets me up for a happy productive day.
Here’s some other helpful aspects to look for in finding the right calendar for you. I’ve also included some of my favs to help you meet your goals. 
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2015 Day Planners

Inspirational Quotes
A planner with a motivational quote offers inspiration to keep going every time you have to schedule something. The Kate Spade planner offers both color and style, but the inspirational quote is the standout feature. The quote is a reminder that chasing dreams is not about caution. Dream building is about not letting fear dictate your future.  
Incorporate Your Goals
This planner is brilliant. It incorporates a space for recording your monthly goals. Assessing how you spend your time in relation to your goals allows you to quickly see where time is wasted, so you to can shift accordingly.
Helps Achieve More Than One Task
If you’re a person of faith, then at some point you’ve probably found yourself so busy that your spiritual practice fell off. The guilt of not putting God first aside, your faith practice can be a grounding element while you pursue your dreams. I love this planner because it incorporates a Bible reading plan and a motivational scripture. This calendar allows you to schedule your faith practice with your daily work. Helping you stay on track for your personal and spiritual goals. 

Even if you aren’t a person of faith try to find a calendar that helps you keep track of a personal goal and business goal. Like this planner that helps you keep track of your exercise regimen and your schedule.
Reflection or Journaling Space
I am an advocate for journaling. It gives you the chance to reflect on your wins and your losses. It allows you a chance to assess what works and what doesn’t and how it may potentially be affecting aspects of your psyche. A planner that gives you the chance to see your monthly goals and tasks, while also offering prompts for reflection can help you as you launch your business.  
Do you use day planners? What do you look for when choosing a planner?