Behind the Dream

Are you going to spend the next 20 years talking about wanting to start a business or are you going to launch already? It’s time to stop the excuses and get ready to type “CEO” next to your name. Women Gone LIVE is here to help you build your dream business.

This wonderful piece of internet space is run by me, Tikeisha, but my circle calls me Keisha and so can you. I am a _MG_7719 (1)“dream whisperer”. Those hopes rolling around in your head that others think are crazy—I understand them. Not only do I appreciate your desire to be a CEO, I can help you make it happen. Together we will form a winning strategy to launch your business.

My mission is empowering women to push past mental blocks and monetize their gifts.

How Did I Get Here

Once upon a time, I was an effective worker bee in corporate America: great reviews, my own office and stock options. But, I wasn’t happy. I spent my workdays looking out my window, daydreaming about what I would do if I had enough money to leave. My fear of leaping had me stuck in a long commute to a job I was resenting more and more. Eventually I decided “safe” wasn’t good enough. I submitted my letter of resignation, packed my boxes and started my entrepreneurial journey. Now I’m empowering other women to do the same.


 Dreaming to Doing


How I Can Take You from Dreaming to Doing 

I’m a statistics guru mixed with the heart of a creative, topped off with spiritual super powers. I’ve written for political and social organizations. I’ve worked with local governments, non-profits and startups and I’m probably preaching at a church near you. All of my content from articles and courses to books and workshops—is thoughtfully created to help nurture you through the stages of launching your business, so you can stay focused, encouraged and on track.

It’s time to launch your business!

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