Women can spend so much time in nurturing mode that we hit pause on our own dreams. We’re running kids to practice, volunteering when no one else will, cooking for the family, supporting friends through breakups. You name it—we’re doing it. All except, building the world we really want for ourselves.

In fact, many of us have entrepreneurial dreams that persistently haunt us. It’s just our schedules that get in the way of pursing them. Hard truth—too many great business ideas are stuck between a sticky note, to-do lists, Evernote and as soon as I free up some time.


Dreams can only be ignored for so long before restlessness within your spirit kicks in. The universe will begin to wake up your dreams and you’ll become uncomfortable with your life. It looks different from person to person. Sometimes, it’s the question of why you keep meeting people who connect to your dream. It can be coming to terms with how short life is due to a devastating illness. Or maybe like me you find yourself crying in the parking lot unable to drag yourself into your office for a paycheck that has nothing to do with your passion. Whatever your dream this post is meant to be the alarm clock that lets you know it’s time to wake up and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


It’s time. You have to decide I’m ready to sacrifice my personal comfort and the comfort of others to ensure I reach my dream. Here’s steps to get you started on your entrepreneurial dream building path:


The first step to dream building is recognizing that “perfect” timing is an elusive myth. The “ideal” time to pursue your dreams is never going to come. When I decided to go after my dream, it meant letting go of my excuses, my insecurities and the things other people needed me to do (especially the ones that were on my plate because I just didn’t know how to say NO).

Dream chasers have to delete tasks on their “to-do list” that are going to get in the way of dream fulfillment. Getting serious about building the life you want will mean eliminating the things and people that serve as roadblocks to your goals. Time to say buh bye now!


Entrepreneurial dream chasing gets messy. Glitches in the neatly planned ride to success will come up. Your ride or dies may question if you’re doing the right thing. Heck, you’ll questions yourself, when your bank account starts to decrease more than increase. I’m telling you upfront the road isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

So, say out loud right now, “I’m still going to do this!”

You can also post sticky notes, Mary Jane Paul style, around your bedroom as reminders of your awesomeness. Verbally list your talents and skills as reinforcement that you’re a rock-star destine to achieve your dream. Establishing ways to affirm yourself before you hit the bumps in the road ensure that you won’t give up before you see the dream checks.


I was so scared to share my entrepreneurial dreams. I went to college for Sociology. My plan was to attend law school. There was never a plan to start a business. I felt ill-equipped and I thought everyone around me would think the same.

Not so. In fact, letting it out was just what I needed to become accountable to my dream. I had a circle ready to believe in my dream. More importantly, they kept me accountable to my dream. I now had people asking me about my dream: what I was doing, when was I going to start, what steps had I taken, what was I waiting for? 

A dream chaser can’t lock her dreams away in her mind and never let them out. The longer you keep it hidden, the longer it will take you to build your dream. 


Businesses need a plan or strategy before launching. A business without one is more likely to fail. Unfortunately, many want-to-be entrepreneurs spend too long in the planning stage. They want to ensure everything is perfect. Just stop. It’s not going to happen. 

Perfectionism will assassinate your entrepreneurial dream. The longer you wait to get it right is the longer it takes to start earning money. The sooner you launch your business. The sooner you can see the blunders and adjust accordingly. Mistakes can be changed. Processes can be improved. But you can never see what tweaks you need until you start.


Dream building is hard. There are moments you’ll be distracted, stagnant or disillusioned and want to give up on your entrepreneurial dream. Celebrating your wins (big or small) are reminders that you are closer to your ultimate goal.

Find creative ways to celebrate your journey—video chat a friend and show them your newest creation, end your work day early and head to the bar for a  happy hour, post your accomplishment to social media (double score with this one because you celebrate and also engage fans). Taking time to celebrate is just a reminder that you’re really making YOUR DREAM YOUR REALITY!

So, what’s your entrepreneurial dream?